Endometrial Health

The big fertility discussion is often about enhancing egg quality to improve pregnancy rates however there is much less said about the other major aspect of being able to conceive and that’s the health of the endometrium and getting the embryo to stick.  If the soil isn’t right the seed won’t grow and in this podcast we’re going to discuss things you can take control of to create a health endometrium and improve implantation success.  Take heart in knowing that the endometrium regenerates every four weeks so by making some small changes today you’ll have an impact on your next menstrual cycle.


Have you heard of MTHFR? What is it? Why is everybody talking about it? Could it be affecting your chances of conceiving a healthy baby? Implicated in miscarriage, sperm defects, neural tube defects like spinabifida, and even chromosomal issues like down syndrome, MTHFR needs attention in a practice like ours with a special focus on fertility and helping people conceive healthy babies.

What if you do have it? Can it be treated? Will treatment actually help? Is there a bigger picture than this reductionist approach?

There are so many questions when it comes to MTHFR. Get all of your answers here on this fabulous and comprehensive podcast 

Choosing Your Obstetrician

Want some help with deciding which Obstetrician to choose and how to go about getting an appointment? What qualities do you want in your Obstetrician? What does a good relationship with your Obstetrician look like? Have a listen to this podcast for a short discussion and get some questions answered before you decide.

Are all natal multi-vitamins created equal?

Surely all preconception and pregnancy multivitamins are the same right? If not how do I choose the right one? Do I even need a multivitamin if I eat a healthy diet? You might be surprised at the answers to these and many more questions raised in this episode of the Finding Fertility Podcast by Fertile Ground Health Group, naturopath Gina Fox and acupuncturist Jo Sharkey.

You’ll learn how to navigate the world of natal multivitamins, why they are crucial for preconception care and pregnancy and exactly what needs to be considered when choosing one. Navigating the world of multvitamins can be a confusing and expensive exercise if you choose the wrong one.  The right advice from an experienced naturopath can ensure the effectiveness of your supplementation and ultimately save you time, money and peace of mind.

About Birth

Are you pregnant and wondering what you need to know for a good birthing experience?

Listen to this interview with Lael Stone in the latest Finding Fertility Podcast series “About Birth”. Lael is a certified Calmbirth Instructor, birth Attendant/Doula and Childbirth Educator since 2004 who has taught hundreds of couples how to work with their bodies and achieve a birth experience that sets them on the right path towards parenting. She runs face to face and online courses to assist women and couples approach birth with the tools they need. 

You can also learn more about Lael Stone’s Birth Education program “About Birth” here.

Is it All About The Egg?

You probably knew that you were born with your eggs and that you naturally loose a number as you age. However the follicles sit in hibernation until around 100 days prior to ovulation. That means that the 100 days before the month you conceive is critical in the quality of your eggs.This is because most chromosomal abnormalities happen just before ovulation. Chromosomal abnormalities don’t accumulate slowly over the many years waiting, but happen when they’re exposed to the blood stream and beginning to mature.  

In the latest “Finding Fertility” podcast, FGHG naturopath Gina Fox and acupuncturist Joanne Sharkey discuss the crucial keys to improving egg quality and boosting your chance of conception.

IVF 2 week wait

Are you feeling anxious, worried and wondering what you can do for support while you wait for your pregnancy test after embryo transfer? No more appointments now and feeling a bit lost and second guessing whether or not you’re pregnant? Confused with the amount of conflicting information on the internet about what’s safe or helpful and what’s not? What should you eat? How much exercise should you do? Is bed rest best? Should you take time off work? How do you cope with the waiting and the not knowing? What can you do to ease the tension? Common sense and informed answers to these questions (and more) are discussed in this episode of Finding Fertility Podcast by Fertile Ground Health Group naturopaths Gina Fox and Charmaine Dennis.

Feel calmer around the IVF 2 week wait, knowing a few of the dos and don’ts. Enjoy a short guided relaxation in the mix too.